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August 25, 2015  CALL TO ORDER

At 7:00 p.m., President Kim Homma called to order the General Association Meeting of the Coyote Ridge PTA, held at Coyote Ridge Elementary School. Those in attendance, see attached sign in sheet.


Minutes for the May 26, 2015 meeting were reviewed and approved.


Kim presented the new board to those in attendance

Treasurer’s Report – Kari Morrow presented the report dated 7/01/2015 to 8/23/2015. It shows income and expenses for the period. Easy money brought in $1817.03 with no expenses. Enrichment expenses were $3918.23. Community building expenses were 223.17 and Membership expenses were $1027.78. Grand total for expenses are $5960.48 and income is $2907.03 Jill Duffy asks for the budget to be explained a little more and Kari referred to the Net Budget column and the More/Less column. Kari made a motion to ratify check #’s 3096-3109 for a total of $5960.48. The motion was carried. Kari also went through $12,338.87 in expenses and income of $2764.23. 26,644.63 was the total for the period. Audit Report- Amy Rodriquez presented the report and noted that were few outstanding checks that are scheduled to clear. She made a recommendation to make all payments in a timely manner to avoid any late fees. The audit was completed on July 31, 2015 and will be sent to the district and state.

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT Julie Herrmann reported that the teachers said the best when someone remarked “It’s like we didn’t miss a beat!” The year is off and running. PIN night was great and Sami Circuit is going very well. He just booked a Family Night for December. GLAD training and collaboration is a key for this year.

President Report Kim Homma asked everyone to join the Facebook page to get updated information. She is partnering with Jill Duffy and a new Art Docent program. There are 2 programs they are investigating one being an online portfolio and Meet the Masters. She wasn’t as impressed with Meet the Masters, it was more expensive (2200-2300 per track and that would last for one year) and the upgraded online version (1200 plus an annual fee to renew the program but it includes all grade levels) seems to better meet the needs of the school. Becky Partington asked for more information about Meet the Masters and how the price would work. Julie Herrmann said that she thought the Meet the Masters would take about 3 hours per lesson while the Current program is about 1 hour per lesson/portfolio. Jill made a motion to purchase the updated online art docent program. The motion was passed.

Membership Report Tammy Coghill reported that PIN night and Ice Cream Social was a success and she thanked everyone for the support and help. She recommends doing it again that first Friday night again for next year. Kristy Lee helped at the membership table. They signed up 56 members. They gave out Quick Quack Car wash and Place Pizza certificates as well as Baskin Robins cards. About 600 Klondike Bars were passed out. Already have 173 members without passing out anything in the Thursdays Folders. There will be a board in the staff room to track the classroom members. PTA is now giving away coupons to Legoland while supplies last.


Ice Cream Social See above Membership report


September 28 is the date and an assembly is set for September 21. The event will be run like last year. Flyers and information will be sent home mid-Sept. Working on a digital assembly for this year.

Budget Approval Kari Morrow reviewed the budget for the 2015-2016 school year. Kari made a motion to approve the $51,300 budget income and $52,914 budget expense. The motion was passed. Classroom enrichment needs to change from $10 to $5 per student due to a decrease in the budget of $10,000.

Staff Appreciation Teacher appreciation will be continued and Adam Roberts will be working with Kent at Raley’s to BBQ for the teachers and acknowledge the new staff members at the school. We have over 800 students and we would love to have our PTA members give 1 hour to give help at an event.

Room Parent Coordinator Kristen Sanger is working on communication this year. She spoke to the teachers at the staff luncheon. Her goal is to get one room parent for every teacher that wants one. There will be a kickoff social for all the room parents at the next General Meeting in September. She is collecting the favorites forms for the teachers. The forms will be posted on the PTA website Will coordinate the Art Docents/Music Docents and Room parents.

PE Docent/Jamba Juice Chairs (Steve Root and Kristen Sanger) -PE-The new team wants to help try to get more materials online and for the younger grades to help learn the recess games. Steve is going help organize the PE equipment during the next few weeks. Docents are still fairly new so they are going to try to get more volunteers to try to more sports and games. Heidi mentioned maybe we should ask parents if they have carts to donate.

-Jamba-need to buy them upfront and we will make $1 per jamba juice sold. Will work with treasure to get a cashbox


Fundraising Stephanie Dement described the events for the year. The Fall Carnival, Joga-thon and the Gala in the spring. She also wants to do a Popcorn fundraiser to raise money, hopefully about $20,000. We need your help and your friends’ help! Sami Circuit was added this year and we will include a family night on December 2, at 6pm. There are a lot of chairs to help this event. Those helping are Tammy Mackey, Kristen Sanger, Kim Vaughan and Becky Partington. We already have 40 volunteers to help with the event as of today. We still need more! If you know of someone to help let us know including middle school and high school students. Food trucks (kickback will be given to school based on sales) will be here as well as carnival food. Teachers have also already signed up to help with the silly string and sheriff booth at the event. Stephanie is sending out sponsorship letters and there is already a $1000 level sponsorship secured. We are also asking for monetary donations to help buy prizes and secure items for the event. If anyone is interested in helping to organize the shed we will send out the info.

PTA Hours Lisa B. is going to be logging the PTA hours, please start logging your hours and send them to her. Any time you are doing a PTA event counts towards your hours.

SPIRIT WEAR First order will arrive and several people volunteered to help distribute the items to the teachers.

Skate Night Heidi Steinke is in charge of the 3 nights- September 18 is the first one for ice-skating November 19- Roller King April 14-Roller King

Easy Money There will be an updated list on the website. We lost Safeway with easy money this year.

Release funds for the Budget had the following amounts. The amounts with an asterisk are new amounts as of this meeting. *Fall Carnival $2000 Box Tops $300 *eScript $50 *Field Trip Scholarships $500 Field Trip Funding $1000 Tk-2nd assembly $800 Music Docent $1771 Spirit Wear $100 *Touch of understanding $0 Dance $500 Library $500 PE $200 Playground $250 Bingo Nights $600 Book Exchange $25 *4/5 Movie $0 *K/3 Movie $0 Safe Routes $500 Trunk or Treat $50 Sami Family $350 *Sami Assembly $1500 Misc. Hospitality $100 PTA info $500 Membership $50 Accounting Software $165 Trust $25 Insure $250 Association fees $1 PTA $1, 632 Art Docent $1500

Kari asked for $15,219 to release the adjusted funds. The motion was carried by a vote.


President Kim Homma adjourned the meeting at 8:15 p.m.

Kim Vaughan Secretary