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May 26, 2015 


At 7:05 p.m., President Adam Roberts called to order the General Association Meeting of the Coyote Ridge PTA, held at Coyote Ridge Elementary School.

Those in attendance, see attached sign in sheet. 


Minutes for the March 17, 2015 meeting were reviewed and approved. 


Julie Herrmann reported that she talked about all of the events that PTA supports at the Volunteer Tea gathering, wanting to get the message out that the things PTA does benefit the students. Lisa Botwinik said that it was very nice to have the PTA mentioned. 


Treasurer’s Report – Tammy Coghill reviewed the Treasurer’s Report for the 4/15/15-5/26/15 time period. Under Fundraisers, we brought in $25.00 for the Silent Auction. For Easy Money, we brought in $80.90 from AmazonSmile, $17.89 from SaveMart, $663.70 from Box Tops, $107.40 from Raley’s/Bel Air, and $971.30 from Jamba Juice and Flyer Nights. Tammy added that $5,000 was a huge goal to reach and we are only $707.32 away from that goal. Under Enrichment Programs, we brought in $4,578.06 from the Art Show and the Square 1 fundraiser. The $185.80 under Classroom Enrichment represents a check to a teacher from 2012 that was never cashed and had to be reissued. It shows as a deposit on the Bank Register. We spent $1,935.82 on Classroom Enrichment, $44.00 on Field Trip Scholarships, and $870.00 on the TK-2nd assembly. Under Community Building Activities, we brought in $105.00 from the Father/Daughter Dance and spent $418.00 for the DJ, photobooth, and dance instructor. For Skate Night, we had to pay the rink $58.00 because we did not meet the minimum participants on the last skate night. We brought in $650.00 from the Mother & Son Bootcamp. Under Hospitality, we spent $1,607.15 for Staff Appreciation Week. Under Operational Costs, we spent $2.90 on transaction fees for the Square 1 fundraiser. Tammy pointed out the $100.00 for the cash box and explained that this money was for the Art Show and is offset by $100.00 included in the income for the Art Show. We paid $3.00 in Bank Fees, $648.79 for Communications and Copies, and $383.78 for the State Convention. The starting total for this period was $35,410.56, the income was $8,799.65, expenses were $9,748.19, for an ending total of $34,462.02.

Tammy added that the Income & Expenses Compared to Annual Budget sheet is off by $2.90 and this is because of the way in which the credit card fees are displayed. 

Tammy announced that we brought in $1,300.00 for art show donations. The Square One fundraiser brought in $3,091.00. Sales were almost $10,000.00!

Tammy motioned to ratify checks #3029-3074. Motion carried.

Tammy motioned to release $6,950 for two line items (Accelerated Reader and Credit Card Fees) for 2014-15 and motioned to release $11,750 for next year. 


Father Daughter / Mother Son Events – Shelby Hoyt reported that there are 232 total people registered for the Father Daughter event. Last year, we had 194 people. She said that she received five more registrations today, which is ten additional people. Adam Roberts said that he is worried about capacity, which is 280 people dining. There are five couples on the waiting list. Julie said that Shelby needs to be firm about the wait list and explain that, for safety reasons, we cannot accept numbers over capacity. We can accept 262 people, not counting volunteers. Lisa Botwinik suggested putting a sign out by the parking lot that says that tickets will not be sold at the door. Adam suggested we look at a different venue next year since this event is so popular. Julie suggested that the dancing area be moved outside. Shelby decided to accept the five registrations that she received today but not the people on the wait list. Shelby said that she could put some tables outside so that people can rotate outside if they want. The color theme is pinks, blues and wood – shabby chic. There will be a DJ and a line/square dance instructor. There will also be a photo booth, ring toss, corn hole in the quad and photos will be taken and distributed. Nothing offered will cost extra money.

Shelby said that she has been asked if siblings and friends can attend and PTA agreed that the event is for Coyote Ridge students only, especially with the capacity issue.

Julie said that the evening custodian will not be here but there will be a substitute custodian. Adam suggested having access to the leaf vacuum. 

Room Parent Coordinator – Kristen Sanger will be the Room Parent Coordinator again next year. She said that she would like to do something on Back to School Night. Ms. Williams​ said that there would not be time to let a PTA representative speak in the classroom but that she could announce that there is a PTA table outside of the MP room if any parents would be interested in getting more information. Kristen suggested that each class have a “communication” person and a “party planner”. Ms. Williams said that she gives the option if there are two people that want to be Room Parents to work together. She said that she does not think it would be a good idea to offer two separate jobs, considering the fact that some teachers cannot even get one volunteer. Ms. Williams requested that teachers receive a job description for the role of Room Parent. Kacy Wallis said that there are job descriptions on the PTA web site. It was suggested that the descriptions be distributed at Back to School Night. Kristen talked about creating a Room Parent Coordinator list on Constant Contact. Stephanie Dement said that she would help Kristen with Constant Contact. Adam said that the Communications Chair needs to be in charge of Constant Contact so that not everyone has access to it. 


Stephanie Dement said that we will be once again be hosting a Harvest Festival and that she has been working with Kacy Wallis on the outline. She said that she will try to get the volunteer list out this year. She will send out the action plans to the members tonight for suggestions. Stephanie spoke about Sammy Circuit, an education program focusing on nutrition, fitness and self-esteem. She said that she would like to figure out a way to use this program as a fundraiser. Julie said that Adventure Club is using the program this summer. This event would be separate from Move-It Madness. We will also keep the Gala. Stephanie said that she thinks it can make a lot more money. Mixed Bag is very easy and a good money-maker, so she said that she might look into that. Adam reminded that there has to be three Community Building events for each fundraiser.

Stephanie asked if PTA Board members get any kind of recognition for the work that we do. Julie Herrmann suggested that we have PTA t-shirts that members could wear at events.   

Kristen Sanger suggested a PTA member social. 


President Adam Roberts adjourned the meeting at 8:00 p.m. 

Cheryl Roberts


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