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have an idea for a "fundraiser" or "community event"?

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what is the difference between a "fundraiser"

and a "community event"?

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A "fundraiser" is.....

A "community event" is....

One of the goals of the Coyote Ridge PTA is to provide funding for programs and materials that the school or school district cannot provide. California now Ranks 49th in the country in the amount we spend per student for education. Schools in which parents, the school and the community work together perform better academically and can provide more enriching activities for students. In today’s day and age we must work together as parents to provide the best education for our students. One of the ways that we can help is to support our PTA in raising money.

The PTA is going to have 3 or 4 fundraisers this year. The first will be the Move it Madness jog-a-thon on September 27th. The second will be the Harvest Festival on October 30. For the first time this will be run as a fundraiser. There will be wristbands sold that will allow students to participate in many activities from inflatables, carnival games etc. Then there will be a raffle, food to purchase, booths in which it cost additional money to participate, and other opportunities to donate money to the school. We know that this is a little different mindset for this activity but it is important as we look to raise money for our school. We will also be having our first Auction in February or March. There will be a lot more information in the coming months on this first time event.

How can you help:

1) We are looking for corporate sponsors for both the Harvest Festival and Auction. If you are interested in sponsoring either event or know a company who might be interested please let me know.

2) We are still looking for volunteers to help plan and run these events. If you are interested let me know.

3) Please look at these events as ways that you can help support your child’s education. Decide how much you are willing to donate to your child’s education and find a way to give.

If you have any questions or want to help please contact Stephanie Dement at

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