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Entry Form Instructions

first like our NEW facebook page

click the facebook button to like our NEW facebook page

Second fill out the form below

entry forms are electronic - you will receive a confirmation if your form submitted correctly



Winner will receive a Blasteroid Rocket donated from TGH Aviation

This a "pilot contest" with a real prize! I need your help making sure this link and entry forms are working correctly! Contest will start 8/27/2014 and close 5:00pm on 9/1/2014. Winner we will be posted on Facebook and our "Contest" page. Entries will be added into a system which will randomly select a winner! Thank you for your help! If you experience any technical difficulties please use the CONTACT US link.

Thank you!

Electronic Entry Form

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Email Address (only used if you won a prize)*

Phone (Alt method - only used if you won a prize)*

Child's Grade Level (optional)

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