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About us

In the face of budget cuts at the district level, P.T.A. is one way we as parents can directly affect the quality of education and availability of resources that our children receive. It also allows us to organize activities that give our children a sense of community. So get involved! We understand busy schedules so whatever level of involvement you can provide is highly appreciated. We look forward to getting to know everyone and working together to continue making Coyote Ridge Elementary a top rated school in Roseville.

Meet the PTA Executive Board and Chairs for

2018 - 2019

PTA President -  Jodi Truscott

The president is the presiding officer and the official representative of the association.

1st Vice President of Membership -  Kari Morrow

Makes membership growth and retention a prioritized goal of the PTA by facilitating a yearlong membership campaign while growing a membership that is representative of the entire community.

VP of Fundraising - Shelly Parker

Responsible for raising the amount needed to meet the proposed unit budget.

Secretary - Lisa Botwinik

Obtains the secretary’s record book, which contains the minutes from previous executive board and general association meetings. Also obtain the procedure book which contains the master set of the bylaws, list of members and other official documents and records of the PTA.

Treasurer -  Tricia Cheshire

The treasurer is an elected officer and the authorized custodian of all funds of the local PTA. Duties also include keeping records and preparing reports to comply with local, state and federal laws.

Auditor - Amy Rodriguez

Determines the accuracy of the books and records of the financial officers.

Parliamentarian -  Kimberlie Vaughan

Provide the members and the executive board with training on parliamentary procedures.

Historian -  Tammy Coghill

Assembles and preserves the record of activities and achievements of the PTA and assists the president in preparing the Annual Unit Historian Report.

Chairs (in alphabetical order)

Art Docent Chair -  Erin Brown and Marina Smith

Collaborate effectively with parents, teachers, administrators, and the community to build, support and sustain ongoing arts instruction for all children.

Bingo Night Chair  -  Joanna Coleman and Maria Larsen

Book Exchange Chair  -   Nicole Fields and Jamie Ellis

Box Top Chair -   Amy Rodriguez

Run collection contests, work with school staff and teachers and show everyone how valuable Box Tops are for the school. Coordinators collect, organize and mail in all the Box Tops submitted by school supporters.

Communications Chair -   Kristen Sanger and Amy Rodriguez

Easy Money Chair -  Kim Vaughan

Educate parents about E-scrip program and show everyone how valuable E-scrips fundraising is for the school.

Fall Carnival -  Kim Homma and Shelly Parker

Father/Daughter Dance -  Kim Vaughan and Tammy Coghill

Flyer Nights Chair -  Kim Vaughan

Coordinates and plans with local businesses to set up flyer events.

Fundraising Committee -  Jill Duffy

Hospitality Chair -  Kim Homma

Kona Ice Chair -   Kim Homma

Oversees and coordinates Kona Ice Easy Money Events.

Mother/Son Event -  Hope Halperin

Movie Night -  Kathy Logee

Matinee Chair -  Renee Hammond

Mugs and Muffins Chair -  Jill Duffy

Music Docent Chair - Jamie Ellis

Newsletter Chair - Bethany Haag

Open House Chair - OPEN! COULD BE YOU!

Penguin Patch Chair - Kim Homma

Picture Day Chair -   OPEN! COULD BE YOU!

Room Parents Coord. Chair - Lisa Celentano

Safe Routes to School Chair -  OPEN! COULD BE YOU!
                 International Walk to School Day - 

Skate Night Chair - Heidi Steinke

Spirit Wear -  Sabrina Vlasek

Staff Appreciation Chair-  Kim Homma and Amy Jouan

Trunk or Treat Chair -Becky Parting ton and Kristi Henderson

Webmaster/Facebook - Kim Homma 
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